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When condensation appears on your windows, the immediate thought is that the window performance has failed. In fact, your windows are warning you of a possible excess of humidity in your home. If this problem is ignored, it can eventually form ice on your windows and damage window and door frames, and you might start finding rust stains on the main doors.

The HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) in your home is designed to ventilate homes in colder climates while retaining the heat indoors. Ensure that your HRV unit has been set to normal ventilate mode and increase the speed as necessary. Check your filter and clean it as necessary.

Additionally, the following actions will help better control high humidity problems:

  1. Keep the laundry doors open when the washer/dryer are in use.

  2. Run your bathroom fans when taking a shower or bath. Continue running the fans for approximately 1 hour following your shower or bath.

  3. Run your cooktop fan when cooking. Leave the fan on for 10 minutes after cooking is complete to clear humidity.

  4. Do not allow furniture/bookcases to touch outside walls; this will improve air circulation around the cooler outside walls.

  5. Ensure heat registers below windows are open and clear from obstruction.

  6. Keep blinds/window coverings open as much as possible.

  7. Keep interior doors open to allow for maximum air movement in your home.

To watch a video and read more about this particular issue we deal with in cold regions click below!

Thanks for staying informed on how to take good care of the place you live in! If you have any questions on how to proceed with the maintenance of your home, please contact our service department:

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